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Tractor Inc. was founded in 1890 in St. Rosemary, California, as a manufacturing company of chemicals and constructional materials. Over the past 55 years, we have grown from a small-sized local company into a global technological corporate.
Tractor’s manufacturing capabilities are called upon by the U.S. Commercial Department in 1990. During the next seven years, the company had produced more than 10 million tons of constructional chemicals and materials.
Much of Tractor’s spectacular growth in the last 20 years resulted from the booming population and the increasing needs for a place to live of the citizens. We have the determination to assist our people with the best facilities.
1970 - Start Up
Two young brothers, Frankie and Tony Kao, see a tremendous business opportunity in developing a chemical manufacturing chain.
1971 - Stage 01
The chemical company built its first factory in 1971 in Minnesota and started manufacturing common chemicals.
1980 - Stage 02
Frankie Kao and his company received the first award for Potential Business 1980 at the Young Leaders Convention in Moscow.
2008 - Stage 03
The company changed its name from Tractor Building and Chemical Company to Tractor Chemical Inc.
2014 - 2018
Tractor was nominated for 2014 Top 200 Companies and Businesses and was ranked at the 45th position in the list.